How to Make Your Business Social Media Attract Potential Clients?

Did you know that social media has the power to attract clients? You can learn all about that in this article!

Multiple companies that have already started a corporate blog are trying to attract as many followers as possible and sell their goods or services. But creating a blog isn’t enough.

A company’s own business blog and content marketing are the most reliable ways to drive traffic, build brand awareness and gain customer loyalty. Today, more and more companies realize the need to work on content marketing actively.

Moreover, thanks to your company blog, you can get promising leads, increase conversion rates, and rightfully position your business. Let’s figure out why your business needs a blog and how to attract potential customers with it.

3 Reasons to Start a Corporate Blog

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A business blog is an essential and useful thing, and here’s why.

1. Increased Competition

New companies and brands appear on the market every day. The number of direct competitors is increasing; therefore, there are fewer potential buyers of your products. A good blog coupled with a deliberate content marketing strategy can drive traffic and new customers. A business blog can help you stand out from the competition.

2. Fastidious and Selective Buyers

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As the competition grows, there is a huge number of brands on the market, which means there are a lot of offers. Presently it’s not enough to tell about the uniqueness of your product. You need to keep the consumer’s attention on your brand constantly. The buyers should be conquered and surprised. You should evoke emotions and manage to retain their attention and loyalty.

It can be complicated for some companies to attract the Gen Z audience. The solvency of youth is growing, and it needs a special approach. It’s necessary to use the popularity of gadgets and social networks to interact with the target audience; to use all possible marketing tools.

3. Classic Advertising Is Expensive

Nowadays, very few people watch TV or read newspapers. Everything was transferred to the virtual world in our smartphones and laptops. Having your corporate blog that tells about the brand and the company and its internal processes, you increase the conversion and awareness of your business, as well as demonstrate your expertise every day.

However, you should also not spend all the money on SEO promotion or targeted advertising. You always need to look for new, non-standard, and original ways of promotion.

How to Attract Potential Buyers With a Business Blog?


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Let your audience understand why they should follow you. Going to the profile, a user spends literally a couple of seconds obtaining an impression of the account. In order for a potential subscriber to stay longer, your account must be beautiful, informative, and unique. The main thing is connecting all three components in one place.

  • Beauty. Everything seems obvious here. Your blog should be designed in one style and be eye-catching. You can get ideas from Pinterest and create designs using Canva. The coolest thing is if you use real photos of your products, company, and employees.
  • Informativeness. For a person to subscribe to your blog and constantly visit it, comment on it, and like posts, you should provide useful information. Information that can’t be found on the web in the top 10 results.
  • Uniqueness. Your brand, your blog, your company should be different from the competitors and other blogs. You can draw ideas from various sources and create something of your own. By visiting your blog, a potential buyer should immediately see this uniqueness, for instance, the non-standard design of your Instagram feed or website, catchy headlines, and bright pictures. As they say, everything is fair in blogging. The main thing is not to overdo it.

An effective way to enhance your social media presence is by growing followers on Instagram.

Use Trending Topics

One of the most popular topics today is COVID-19. So, you can create a huge variety of content. Sure, this doesn’t mean that you need to write about some negative points. You can post useful and informative articles for your target audience, videos, podcast series in the context of the current situation. You can also talk about how you see the development of your business in the modern context and how the followers can use your products and services during the pandemic.

For instance, if you sell fitness equipment, then run a series of posts about home workouts. If you are a travel business owner, then collect all tourism news in one blog. This is a very relevant topic now. Save your subscribers from exploring different resources. Let them find all the information they need in one place.

Shoot Video Tutorials

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Posts and how-to articles alone aren’t enough. Add video content to your blog. Start or continue publishing video tutorials to help your target audience learn new skills or solve specific problems. Your video certainly should be related to the industry your company operates in and the products your company sells.

According to statistics, it’s easier for people to watch a video than to read a long article with a lot of words. Furthermore, you can convey much more information, emotions, and feelings by using video content. In addition, the number of videos on the Internet is growing every day, and the number of views is increasing as well. People actively share their videos, like, and comment on, which can have a great impact on your brand awareness.

In order to make an excellent video, one idea isn’t enough. You additionally need to use a high-quality camera, think over the scenario, and choose a super cool video editor such as Lightworks or the well-known Movavi. You can entrust the shooting and editing process to professionals, or you can mix your blog content up with DIY videos.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Motivate your target audience to create content about your company or your products. This method is powerful and influential for at least two reasons.

  • When consumers create content that compliments your business or your products, they become loyal to your company and will continue to buy products or services from you in the future.
  • The content created by your customers can serve as proof and a guarantee of your products’ quality. Such an approach helps dispel other potential buyers’ doubts, and they eventually make a purchase. We are highly influenced by other people’s opinions.

You can run a contest among your regular customers. Ask them to write a short review (1-2 paragraphs) about your company, goods, or services.

Let them know that you’ll give a prize for the first ten reviews and will publish the best reviews on your website or your social networks.

The company’s blog is the most important business asset in 2021. Content marketing and native advertising are the future as people are getting tired of traditional marketing techniques day by day. Therefore, if you aren’t blogging yet or don’t pay enough attention to it, it’s better to start now. Good luck!

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