Kinsta Hosting Review – The Power of Google Cloud Tailored to WordPress Users

When a WordPress site is really important to you, Kinsta is the hosting company you want to take care of it. Period.

Starting a WordPress website isn’t as easy as people are trying to prove all over the Internet. It definitely takes time to set things up. That’s one of the main reasons why we created the UnderConstructionPage plugin which allows you to put your site in the under construction mode while you’re preparing the real deal.

But even before you can install the plugin and start working on the WordPress settings, you will need a reliable hosting company that will do the heavy lifting. If you are serious about your website (meaning, if it’s not just a cat blog you’re taking for a test run), you will want a hosting provider that will provide a fast & secure environment that’s designed especially for WordPress users. Kinsta managed WP hosting is exactly that – fast, secure and tailored for WordPress.

Kinsta – Premium hosting solution for WordPress users

If you’ve searched the web for “best WordPress hosting” companies, we’re sure that you already know about Kinsta. This unusual name can be seen all over the web, and it is usually on top of the lists that compare WordPress hosting companies. Kinsta is fully managed (everything’s done for you, no need to mess with any “server stuff”) and runs on Google Cloud Platform & its 17 global data centers which are known as a reliable and fast environment. But Kinsta offers much more than that. Let us show you why so many users trust Kinsta with their personal & business websites.

Custom Dashboard

Most of us are used to working with cPanel. We like this “traditional” control panel since it offers practically everything for server management. Custom management solutions aren’t easy to build. Especially if they’re good. That’s why we’re usually skeptical when opening a custom hosting control panel for the first time. But, after opening Kinsta’s custom dashboard (simply dubbed MyKinsta), we quickly changed our mind!


All the details you need about your site are available within an amazing dashboard (click for more screenshots)

Kinsta’s dashboard looks simply amazing. On the left side of the screen, you see a simple yet beautiful menu which holds all the important links for managing the server. Whether you need to control your sites, billing information or get access to analytics, DNS or migrations, it’ll be just one click away from the settings page. Instead of trying to get used to the dashboard, you’ll be able to start managing the server even if you have no prior experience.

Those of you who have no time for juggling between several applications will love the fact that everything is so clean & compact. All the crucial data and graphs will be already in front of you so you will be able to quickly see your monthly stats. The number of visits and monthly bandwidth graphs are already there. If you think we are exaggerating, just take a look at the screenshots by clicking on the image above.

If you’re working in a multi-user environment, you will simply love the fact that Kinsta’s custom dashboard allows you to control users & permissions. Just like you’d do in any other app, simply enter users’ details, decide what a particular person can or can’t do and save changes. Instead of giving the info back & forth to the admin, each user can do what they’re supposed to.

Setting up your blog is quick & fun

If you have ever tried installing WordPress manually, you know it takes time to set everything up. Yeah, we hear you – installing WordPress isn’t that hard nor that time-consuming, but it’s 2018, and we don’t want to do it manually.

Kinsta add new site

It takes just a few steps to add a new site to Kinsta

Once you log in to the control panel, setting up WordPress gets super-easy. Once you click the button, you get to enter a few details, and everything runs on autopilot. After a few seconds, your WordPress environment will be ready for business!

Those who have more than one site will love the fact that all websites can be managed through the same dashboard.

Free migrations

Have you ever tried migrating the entire website by yourself? It’s a miserable “five-minute task” that ends taking days. The larger the site you’re handling, the more problems arise. Therefore, unless you really know what you’re doing, we wouldn’t advise migrating sites that matter to you without professional support. Unprofessional migrations may result in data loss, prolonged site downtimes and days of extra work, so be careful.

Kinsta Site Migration

You can have the entire site transferred by Kinsta’s experts

But if you’re to migrate your WordPress site to Kinsta, you’re in luck because most of their plans offer free website migration. So, instead of risking losing the data & spending hours on doing the hard work yourself, Kinsta’s experts are here to help. They know what are they doing, and you can grab yourself a cup of coffee while waiting.

Speed & Performance matter

The speed of your website means a lot! It doesn’t really matter how good the content you are presenting is if it takes several seconds to load. Let’s be realistic – as years pass by, people have less and less time and patience to spare. So, one additional second of load time may mean a disaster because people simply won’t have the patience to wait for your post to load. Luckily, there are hosting providers like Kinsta to solve the problem.

Kinsta Speed

With the helping hand of Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta provides one of the fastest WordPress hosting environments

Users are constantly reporting great results after transferring their WordPress sites to Kinsta. Hearing that a site started to load 40-50% faster isn’t just a myth. It will take some time to set everything up, but another great thing is that Kinsta’s support is always ready to help. With the professional assistance, you may assure yourself that your blog will start loading more quickly. Both people & Google will love that, and the end result will be a better site (even if the content hasn’t changed).

Obviously, there are many factors that affect the speed of your WordPress site, so make sure you have a fast theme and don’t use the plugins that may slow the site down.

Kinsta makes your website safe

Just like you can’t expect good results from a slow site, it also doesn’t help much to have a fast website that’s not secure. In our opinion, everyone should invest in security. By choosing Kinsta, your job is done. As soon as you load your site onto their servers, you will be able to rest knowing the team of professionals is taking care of everything.

Kinsta Security

Experts will take care of security for your site so you can focus on your business

Kinsta supports two-factor authentication. Professional users will definitely appreciate this. You also get GeoIP blocking which can ban people based on their IP addresses and location, and those annoying spammers that try to use bots to log in to your site will automatically get banned. You get free SSL certificates that are user-friendly and easy to set up, and automatic backups that will make sure nothing goes wrong.

Here’s another amazing thing that we have to mention. While website owners who look for cheap hosting and only pay attention to lowest price worry about getting hacked, Kinsta’s users get guaranteed hack fixes. Instead of hiring a 3rd party to log in & fix your site, Kinsta’s experts will do this for free! Just in case all the security measurements fail, you can sleep tight while guys & girls at Kinsta do their job. Don’t forget to see everything that Kinsta does to make your site secure.

Pricing plans

If you’re looking for $1.99/m hosting then Kinsta is not for you. But if you’re doing so it also means you don’t care much about your online presence.

Kinsta definitely isn’t for everyone. While the company offers so many amazing features & perks, it comes with a price. The starting plan will cost you $30 a month, while the Enterprise plan that gets you practically everything you could wish for costs $900 per month. Luckily, there are eight plans you can choose from so everyone will find the one that’s well suited for their sites.

Kinsta pricing plans

Kinsta pricing plans (click for larger image) & see more details here

Wrapping it up

After everything noted above, it’s no surprise that we can honestly recommend Kinsta. While it might look expensive it’ll actually save you money since you’ll get so many services and value under one roof. Plus if you care at all about site speed and uptime, Kinsta is the way to go.

As soon as you realize that you started to care about your WordPress site, it’s already time to consider migrating to Kinsta. Don’t forget that the team of experts will practically do everything for you so you can relax and enjoy the site in a faster and more reliable environment.

There’s so much more to Kinsta than we have had a chance to mention in this article, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Kinsta and compare it to other hosting companies, and don’t hesitate to contact their friendly support if you have any questions.

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