Making Money as a Student: How to Monetize Your Hobby

Are you passionate about your hobby? Why not make money from it!

It’s around the last years of college when people usually start thinking about making some money. At the time, their will to turn their dreams into reality is still strong. So naturally, many students get very passionate about working on personal projects. And the very first question that gets in their way is ‘Where do I start?’. Exploring part-time opportunities like voice-over jobs, which are increasingly popular among students, can be a great starting point.

It might not seem like a very hard question. But the first step of a journey is oftentimes the hardest one. Many never muster enough courage to make it. However, if your eyes are dead set on the prize, and you are willing to go the distance, there are plenty of ways to get there. Here are just some of the many paths you can take to monetize your hobby.

Conventional employment

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This is the most obvious and common path a student can take. There is nothing wrong with taking the beaten path instead of trying something bold and innovative. Getting a regular old job spells stability. It is also very easy to get information and advice on the topic in case you get lost at any point. If you are not sure where to begin – this approach will probably work best for you.

Combining classes with part-time or full-time employment can prove to be quite a challenge especially if it’s your first rodeo.

You have to do your best to make sure you give enough attention to both. Don’t slack off. Debt builds really hard and is twice as difficult to take care of with double the workload.

If you feel like you are about to get overwhelmed – don’t be shy to get some external help from online essay writing services like WritePaper to clear up some of your assignments. This will help you win more time to get back on your feet.

It may not be easy to find the exact job you are looking for. You might not have the right qualifications or enough time. Or there might not even be any relevant openings in your area. Don’t be afraid to take it slow. Look for something close enough. Apply for internships. Consider moving to another city – one step at a time, inch by inch. As long as you keep moving towards your goal, you will eventually achieve it.

Starting a small business

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Being a cog in the machine might rid you of a lot of tedious work. But if you want a little more control over what you do, you might want to look towards starting a small business. Now it sounds pretty intimidating. But it can be as easy as setting up a website for your customers to place orders. You can be the boss and the only employee if you want to.

The big boss rank comes with a whole package of additional work you’ll have to take care of. You’ll have to do networking, customer support, accounting, and a whole bunch of stuff that a big company has entire departments figuring it out. This becomes a more and more pressing issue as your business grows. So if you are going down this path, you definitely need at least some sort of a battle plan.


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Crowdfunding options have gotten a lot of traction in recent years. The rapid technological advance is the one to thank for this. More and more people accept the world wide web as an essential part of their lives. This interconnection opens up a ton of interesting and innovative business possibilities. Crowdfunding is one of them. And it offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Direct connection to customers;
  • Better community outreach;
  • Easier marketing;
  • More creative control.

But all that goodness comes with a price. Yes, you can create your own personal project while getting funds directly from the interested customers. But that also means that you will have to deal with all the nitty-gritty of the project management yourself: staffing, marketing, leadership, finances, covering the pricing of project management software, etc. You really gotta be a jack-of-all-trades to make a crowdfunded project work.

Final words

There are many ways to turn a hobby you love into a profitable business. And if you really want to go for it – all you need is enough determination. Sooner or later, you will definitely make it work even if you have to start as an intern in some obscure company and gradually build your career.

Even if you have to move abroad to find a job of your dreams. It all comes down to how far you are willing to go.

But before you set out to put your grand plans in motion, you should ask yourself whether it really is something you want. You might enjoy tending to your hobby on weekends. But will it bring you as much satisfaction if turned into a business? Can you do it every day of the week and put a price tag on it? For many, this is a deal-breaker. So do be careful what you wish for.

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