How To Choose Right Domain Name? 7 Tips

Choosing the right domain for a website is important in terms of image and visibility on the web, positioning, promotion and marketing activities. But many people do not know what to consider when selecting a domain. These are the most significant rules to follow when selecting a domain for your brand, store, or blog.

Before choosing a specific domain, it is worth paying attention to seven features that affect online visibility and positioning of the domain in the future. So what to consider when buying a domain?

1. Know and choose the correct domain type

Currently, there are many domains on the market, including: global, national, regional domains, etc. Picking the right domain is crucial for a blog or company store, and then it is important that the domain has an address from “.net” or “.com”.

Domain name checklist

When buying a domain, it is always worth considering the form of business, as well as the geographic area to which the website, store, or blog is to reach.

2. Take care of safety

Online security is critical, so it should also be borne in mind when selecting a domain. Even then, it is worth taking care of the availability of addresses during the future development of the company in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the past.

Many businesses or blogs need more domains as their business grows. Therefore, it is worth taking care of their availability in advance.

3. Before you choose a domain, think about “who you are”?

If you run a business, the appropriate domains will be “com” or “biz”. If you run a blog, you can choose the “blog” domain. Contrary to appearances, such a choice is of great importance in terms of online visibility, and in the future – also good positioning.

Research the domain

4. Consider where your customers are and what they are like

A domain can be a signal to clients that the company exists in or near their city. This increases the level of trust and therefore increases the chances of sale and development. But a blog, for example, does not require such information if it is intended to reach readers throughout the country or in several countries. It is worth paying attention to this when buying a domain.

In fact, when running a blog or an online store, you are only limited by your imagination.

5. Match the domain to your city or province

When running an online store, whose customers are local residents, it is important to match the domain to the name of the city or province. This facilitates identification and allows you to expand your customer base.

Domains can be categorized by location and regional domains are used for this. This is a tool that you should not forget if, for example, you run a shop in a small town or province. Internet users who see a name with such a domain can be sure that the offer applies to their city. Importantly, such domains are also cheaper.

6. “Tell” what you specialize in

As indicated above, when buying a domain, it is influential to identify what you specialize in and what you offer to customers or readers of your website. But it’s worth going much further and using the domain “tell” customers what you specialize in. This way, interested people will find your website on the web much faster. Choose domains such as:
“pizza”, “beer” or “coffee” e.t.c.

7. Make sure your domain is protected against typosquatting

Brand security is an important issue. We have already written about domain security above, but it is worth adding protection against typosquatting. This applies, inter alia, to ability to anticipate and respond to external threats. But what is typosquatting?

These are the deliberate actions of scammers where addresses that are very similar to the real ones are logged, but with one letter changed, etc. By accessing a page that is similar to the main page, the user is deliberately misled and his data is exposed. Therefore, it is worth remembering about these security rules when buying a domain, which allow you to protect yourself and your customers on the Internet.

The name of the page is crucial for success in the market, it affects online visibility and security. That is why it is worth knowing what to look for when buying a domain.

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