4 Tools to Help Small Businesses Grow

Eager to help your small business grow? Here are some tools that will make that possible!

The 9 to 5 (or 6) lifestyle is the reality for most working individuals, and the schedule looks a little something like this: wake up at the same time every morning, trek into work, report to a higher-up, and (hopefully) leave as soon as the clock strikes 5 p.m.

Some people don’t want to report to a higher-up and instead want to be their own boss and make their own schedules.

While there is the benefit of being your own boss, that also means shouldering an array of responsibilities. Running a small business is undeniably difficult, which is why it is imperative to use the right tools to boost sales and ultimately grow your business.

Whether you are currently a small business owner or just thinking of retiring from your 9 to 5 life, here are 4 tools to help small businesses grow:

1. Website Builder

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To survive in today’s business world, you need a well-built website. Creating a website can seem daunting, but using the right tools will make the process a whole lot easier.

There are tons of website builders that are free and simple to use. Select a template, plug in your necessary info, pick a domain, and you’ll have a basic, functional site ready to go.

Note: For many business owners, simple sites suffice when starting out, but you may look to customize your site over time to improve functionality and provide a better experience for users. For example, if you are creating a website for your business on WordPress, you should also get a booking plugin to improve the UX of your clients that want to schedule appointments with you.

2. Online Payroll Services

It’s unlikely that you are going to be running your small business completely by yourself. As your business grows, you will probably need to hire a team of like-minded individuals to help run the business more efficiently. However, keeping track of your employees can be difficult, which is why it is important to use services such as those for online payroll.

There are pros and cons to different online payroll services, so be sure to do your research to determine which payroll solution best suits your business needs.

Compare top providers, like Quickbooks vs. ADP, and examine features including onboarding support, payroll management, ease of use, and more.

3. Video Conferencing

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In the last year, remote work has become the standard, and if you will have a team in varied locations, it’s crucial you provide them with the appropriate tools to properly complete their responsibilities. Since in-person meetings are happening less frequently, if at all, video conferencing has become essential in every business.

Whether you are meeting with your co-workers or potential clients, you need a service where you can easily connect virtually. There are plenty of video conferencing services, such as Zoho Meeting or Google Meet. With the right video conferencing solutions, you can invite multiple participants, share screens, annotate slides, and more.

Online meeting tools can greatly facilitate collaboration and communication among remote teams, ultimately helping businesses grow by fostering efficient and seamless interactions regardless of geographical boundaries.

4. Project Management Software

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Being a small business owner means wearing many hats. You have to manage your employees, track tasks and projects, increase brand awareness, and that’s all before lunch. That’s why it’s extremely beneficial to use project management software similar to Smartsheet to keep your tasks organized and ensure you never miss a deadline.

With task management software, you can assign projects, manage your pages, and keep track of all your progress. Being organized is the key to running a successful business.


Starting your own company is no easy task, but using the right services will make the journey smoother. There are a plethora of tools out there designed specifically for small business owners, so make sure you take advantage of them! Stay organized and dedicated, and your business will take off in no time.

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