Giveaway: Win 2,222+ Premium Themes from FlexiThemes Worth $42,000+

Get a lifetime supply of premium WordPress themes designed for each and every business you may think of

FlexiThemes is the ultimate site dealing in WordPress themes. Operating since 2009. it has an extensive database that currently consists of 2231 themes. What’s really great is that all the themes are free to use for both personal and commercial sites. The catch is that if you choose to go the free route sponsor links will be embedded in the footer of your page. In case this is something you don’t mind (personal site) or doesn’t go against company policy (commercial site) this option can be quite enough for you.

The giveaway is over. Click here to see the three lucky winners.

On the other hand, there are three paying tiers that provide themes with no advertisements as well as full support and additional customization options.

Regardless of paying and tiers, all the available themes adhere to a certain standard that includes:

  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Customizable features (pages, menus, backgrounds etc.)
  • Support and updates keeping with the latest WordPress versions
  • Integration with different page templates
  • Support for WooCommerce shopping cart

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to present your site to audiences, then this is the perfect time to do so since FlexiThemes has decided to organize a huge giveaway.

Giveaway – The Prizes

If you were ever in doubt about using FlexiThemes, then now is the right time to make up your mind. FlexiThemes offers really fantastic prizes and here’s what you can get:

  1. Grand Prize: Lifetime membership – 2,222+ premium WordPress themes ($42,000+ value)
  2. First Prize: One-year membership – 2,222+ premium WordPress themes
  3. Second Prize: The winner can pick any premium theme at FlexiThemes

Looking at the prizes and the quality of the themes there really isn’t a reason not to get to the site and choose one that’s best suited for you. We would like to showcase some of the most popular and most recent themes put up on the site, so you can know what to expect. But if you’re impatient, you can enter the giveaway right away by scrolling to the bottom of the article.


FlexiThemes TheNews

FlexiThemes TheNews

TheNews is the all-time most popular theme on the site. It offers a great way to transform your site from the default blog WordPress interface to a professional looking news or magazine page. As the name itself suggest, this theme is best used with news/magazine type content. As you can see in the preview the theme offers multiple menu and sidebar options, as well as a post slider that has a central focus on the page.

What you don’t see is the option to insert custom widgets which let you display adverts and other links you want to emphasize. Apart from that, we have to point out the SEO optimization which is important when people are searching for content pertaining to something you publish and an integrated contact input page for your visitors to fill out. The theme is also open to localization, so you can translate it according to your target audience.


FlexiThemes proEducation

FlexiThemes proEducation

proEducation trails TheNews as the second popular theme on the site. On first glance, the main difference is the enlarged post slider on the home page, but you can also see the social media icons in both the top-right corner and sidebar. Optimally, it’s used for education sites, but it also proves really good for any kind of community-oriented content. It’s a little more oriented towards pictures that represent links for various articles. Much like the previously mentioned theme it’s SEO optimized, supports widgets and is localization ready.


FlexiThemes OurBusiness

FlexiThemes OurBusiness

OurBusiness is the go-to solution for business and commerce websites. The main feature is the italic text box on the home page that is used to convey your company’s vision and/or goals. Like with any commercial site the social media icons are front and center. Without making a habit of repeating ourselves, let’s just point out that the theme also has all the functionality as the previous ones. What sets it apart is the slicker design that combines the font and boxes into a cohesive whole that looks professional even without making any further changes to it.


FlexiThemes MyShop

FlexiThemes MyShop

MyShop is one of the most popular themes of the year. Just like its name suggests, the most use of it can be gained by web shops who deal primarily in sales, but also sites that just have a webshop among other things. The front page is mainly similar to other ones with some placement changes so we decided to highlight the store tab. It has a classic look with prices and ratings as well as a drop-down menu for sorting the articles. The currency is, naturally, open to change to better fit target customers.


FlexiThemes GamesZone

FlexiThemes GamesZone

Moving to even more actual themes, GamesZone is the second most popular theme of the week. It presents an edgy color scheme characteristic to gaming sites with a dark background (black in this case) and light text (in this case white and grey). Comments are featured on the main page because of the content’s nature where feedback is a key component of the community. The general layout is very similar to many popular gaming sites around the web.


FlexiThemes TechHub

FlexiThemes TechHub

Another tech/IT theme, this one focusing more on the business software and hardware side of the field then entertainment, TechHub provides a more professional look on the sector. With two sidebars the layout is similar to TheNews, which isn’t a bad thing at all since the content and tone they’re providing are similar. The preview you can see is of a tablet display with maximizing functionality for flair (more text and fewer pictures).

The Winners

The giveaway is over, and our system randomly selected three winners. Congratulations to Marcos, Ainhoa, and Lucas! We have sent you emails with the details about your prizes.


FlexiThemes Giveaway

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