10 Tips You Need to Design Your Law Firm’s Website

Trying to design a website for your law firm? Here are some tips you need to know!

Upon creating your law firm’s website, you have to think mainly about the potential visitors that could quickly turn into clients.

However, the following ten tips will teach you some essential things regarding law firm web design. A simple search for compensation for personal injury damages will lead visitors straight to your firm! The result? New clients for your enterprise and, therefore, increased profits!

Logo and Firm Name

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The name of your law firm, as well as its logo, should appear wherever possible on the website. This is done to build both brand awareness and recognition. An easy to discern logo, so to speak, will make people remember your particular law firm among the sea of firms out there.

Colors Are Important

When coming up with your logo and name, consider your brand’s colors as well. Many times, a color combination is what makes people remember your firm name. Of course, a brand logo and a name associated with the colors allow people to determine which firms are more popular – based on how many times they see their brand colors. Let’s look at the Simon Law firm. They are an amazing example of a great law website. Professional logo on the homepage with a clear message for their clients across the screen. Simple and powerful.

Emphasize Advantages

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If your firm’s primary specialty revolves around compensation for personal injury damages, then you should stress this point on your homepage and within your articles. You could have an entire page dedicated to how good your lawyers are at dealing with personal injury.

Google My Business

Once you have a firm and want to go online, it should be listed to appear in the database of Google My Business. How does this help you? Well, when a user uses a keyword that sends them to you or they manage to find you within Google search results, they’ll see much more information regarding your firm (business hours, location, ratings, and so on).

Base Content on Social Listening

Sharing the experiences and successes of your law firm is essential. However, you can create a better image for your law firm if you rely on social listening to make your website’s content.

This implies browsing various social media platforms and drawing inspiration from your field’s popular hashtags.

SEO Optimization

This is a must for any firm or business. Nowadays, you can’t get on the first page of Google search results without adequately optimizing your website for SEO. Keep in mind that there are two types of SEO – on-page and off-page, meaning that there’s much more than just keywords to it.

Testimonials Are Still Trendy

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Naturally, testimonials are of great help – when they aren’t fake. If you decide to place testimonials on your homepage, keep in mind that potential clients could always ask for more information regarding a specific comment. They could even ask for the contact information of previous clients for a better view of your firm.

List All of Your Services

Even if the firm is brilliant in personal injury cases, you don’t want to skip listing all of your other services. This helps with SEO and allows people to see that they can rely on your firm on multiple occasions/with various cases.

Highly Responsive Website

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More than 50% of today’s web navigation is done via mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, your website must be compatible with all of the most popular gadgets out there – including displays, such as retina, for example.

Intuitive and Easy to Use Platform

Who needs the help of a law firm? In most cases, it’s adults that have encountered some legal issues. With this in mind, make sure to make your website as intuitive and as easy to use as possible. If a 90s millionaire needs a law firm, they have to navigate your website without much trouble.

The Bottom Line

Getting a website live is not a big deal. You have to press one button. However, having a live website that can convert visitors into clients is an entirely different thing.

With the help of our ten tips, you shouldn’t have any trouble in not only ranking your law firm’s website on Google but also increasing the number of clients!

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