9 Crucial Elements Every Website Should Have

How does one build the perfect website? Easy! Start by implementing these 9 crucial elements.

A website is not as simple as it looks, so to say. Behind the beautiful curtain that is the homepage, many elements work together to provide the visitor with a top-notch experience.

For instance, the essential elements of a website – namely SEO – are the main reason why people can find a professional injury lawyer just by typing their job name in Google.

Let’s take a close look at nine crucial elements that every website should have!

User-Friendly Navigation

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As some of you might already know, the entirety of a website must be user-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you tackle complex or straightforward topics in your posts; visitors must easily find their way around your platform.

Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, the majority of traffic doesn’t come from PCs and laptops anymore. The primary sources are smartphones and tablets. As a result, you must ensure that your website is built using responsive website design. – namely, that it can be easily used from any device.

Content Is King

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Content is and will always be the king when it comes to essential website elements. A proper SEO strategy will almost always be based on state-of-the-art content. Regardless of your activity field, you’ll most likely round up a blog or an article section. You must do so!

CTA Importance

Even though they seem too obvious, calls to action result in sales conversions, and not only that. A simple CTA button can create a mailing list of thousands of people, translating to a successful marketing campaign.

As long as you keep it discrete, a CTA button will always be in your favor.

Opt-In Option

As mentioned above, a CTA can create compelling mailing lists. The same applies to opt-in offers scattered throughout your website. They’ll allow you to communicate with your visitors on a marketing level, so to speak, and keep them hooked to your website.


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If you’re managing a business or a company offering various services, you’ll almost always want testimonials displayed on your website. They build trust, awareness, as well as brand reputation – especially if they’re true!

Storytelling Is Crucial

Nobody enjoys bland content that’s there just for the sake of it. What people love nowadays are brands and entities built around unique and eye-watering stories. Even if your company’s story is bland, a professional copywriter can turn it into something exciting!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Regardless of your field of activity, people will always have many questions about you, your website, or your firm. In this case, a FAQ section is more than just welcome. Visitors will know that they can trust you to be available for them – one way or another – and that you’re thinking about them ahead of time.

Contact Section

Last but not least, you need a contact section. If you don’t include any relevant contact information, you might skip on partnership opportunities, sponsorships, media inquiries, and so many other exciting opportunities.

A contact form might get spammy, but it’s worth it in the end.

The Bottom Line

These were the nine crucial elements that every single website out there should have. If you know your website lacks one of them, worry not – such things can be easily added or planned into a website without too much trouble!

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