Create a Professional Logo Without Drawing

Contrary to popular belief, you can create a professional logo without drawing, and this article will tell you exactly how!

The XXI century brought us many advantages, such as international interaction and some innovative inventions. AI makes everyday and professional efforts much easier. Meaning that the times when a logo could be crafted by artists alone are gone now. And even designers don’t use paper and pencil anymore.

The process of free logo designing is significantly simpler these days, resembling more an absorbing game than hard and devoted labor. On top of that, the possibility of creating your own trendy a stylish logo using online logo makers is free for all!

Having no idea where to start? We are here to help!

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First of all, you need to input a company name and slogan. This is the final moment when you need to ponder the idea of your naming. Think of it as some sort of a point of no return.

Or maybe you need to make something completely new? Pick your business field and after that, an online logo maker will provide you with some of the most appropriate logo design options.

No design skills needed

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You may follow emotional or rational intelligence while choosing an icon for your logo design. Your logo isn’t supposed to relate directly to your wares and goods.

Think of some indirect relations. And the emotional approach often proves effective in an overloaded market where all the rational ways have already been used (quite often in vain).

Upon choosing a suitable color pattern, Turbologo provides you with a selection of professionally compiled logos. And this is exactly where only your opinion matters, as no other person knows and feels your business better than you do.

Choose the best option thoroughly; it is supposed to feel warm and familiar. It is implied that the logo would cause your customers to have the same feelings. Keep in mind, however, that it’s still imperative to follow the goals of the project and not get too creative as well!

Also, some options might seem nice and funny, but those are the last thing to cater to sales growth.

What sets us apart

Turbologo logo examples

What other possibilities does the Turbologo logo creator provide? First of all, there are many editing functions.

An intuitive and crystal clear interface is designed to help you with getting a logo that looks as if it was created by a professional. However, don’t get too far from your initial idea as it can ruin all the messages translated by your design.

Even the most abstract logo should have clear ideas. And don’t forget about people’s thinking basis which is comprised of stereotypes and set concepts.

Feel free to come up with any, even the most bizarre ideas. But nothing beats the golden mean, you know.

It is possible to design a dull and poorly colored logo with the most obscure and unclear idea behind it. Or you can try hard and design a bright blur with vivid coloring which basically does nothing but disturb the sight of your potential customers.

What you do need is something in between, so try not to stray too far from the options offered by our logo maker.

Sales are not about selling anymore

Multiple logo examples

Creativity and uniqueness have never been the final goal of any masterpiece. It is all about an idea which, in turn, must be understood by your customers.

AI is well programmed to provide you with the best options related to your business sphere. Should you drop this criterion, you are doomed to lose the idea of your logo design. And you can easily lose customers by confusing them.

Cake Look logo

A single logo becomes extremely meaningful only when it is extremely popular. To achieve that, you must never forget about your customers’ vision. It should be pleasant for them to see your logo. That’s why they say you should concentrate on your customers’ needs first.

And lastly, remember, although it is true that there are some profoundly-designed logos created by professional artists, there is no rule saying you can’t do the same when you have a tool like Turbologo by your side!

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