Content Writing vs Copywriting: Which Will Benefit Your Company More?

Trying to decide between content writing and copywriting? The text below will help you see which one is more beneficial for your business!

Anyone can write words on a page. But a skilled writer is able to arrange those words in a way to capture your attention, arouse your emotions, and even influence your behavior.

Writing is everywhere, even when you don’t actually see it. Every day you go about your business, you will come across words that someone has written for a purpose. Whether it is a sign, a book, a website, or an email, a writer has created it.

In this article, we’ll look at both, while demonstrating how they affect your audience and benefit your business.

What is Copywriting?

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In short, copywriting is writing to sell. Whether it’s selling a product, a service, or even an idea. It is the art form of engaging and influencing others through the power of words. This is why people will spend a lot of money on a great copywriter for sales copy to ensure optimal conversion rates.

While it’s mostly associated with marketing, copywriting comes in many forms and exists almost everywhere.

Every advertisement, from print to TV and radio scripts and screenplays; every word on a website; every product description, and every email you receive. All have been carefully crafted to convert the reader or listener to take a specific action.

This could be to click on a link, sign up to an email list, make a purchase, or share your content. It all starts with getting the reader’s attention. Then keeping them interested, tapping into their desires, and leading them to a call-to-action.

What is Content Writing?

You might think that content writing has the same purpose as copywriting. And you’d be right, to a point. While the content does follow a similar intent to copywriting, it is more geared towards specialized content that captivates the audience and builds your brand awareness.

It also takes many forms, such as blog articles, eBooks, videos, infographics, and so on.

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It should be optimized for SEO, helping to bring traffic to your site and assist in conversions. But ultimately, it is a way to demonstrate value to your audience while enticing new members to join.

The key difference is that there is no overt sales or influence in content writing. You’re simply bringing your audience helpful information, such as a solution to a problem, informing them on the latest news, or inspiring them to do something. It is something you give away to build trust and reputation.

Get Writing Right

In truth, you need both in order to maximize your business’s potential for growth. But, if you had to start somewhere, it should be with copywriting, as it’ll build your brand up from the get-go.

Your content will all require copywriting to drum up business and demonstrate what you have to offer. Once things pick up, you can use content writing services to create valuable content and boost your brand awareness. Translating content to other languages is also part of the writing process so beside content writing services, there are also content localization services that help you reach audiences from different speaking areas.

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