8 Online Jobs That Require Little Or No Experience

Discover 9 online jobs that you can do from anywhere with little to no experience

Today, access to the internet opens opportunities for endless learning and entertainment. On top of that, it is a place to spend time productively, namely earning money. There are a lot of works that do not even require any specific education or background. Yet, they give students and switchers opportunities to profit while spending time online.

Such works will help those who have to study or people who are on their way to their dream job. While aiming at a position that requires specific skills and background, polish your resume with the help of the top best CV writing service while earning money online. Here is the list of diverse interests and time resources.

#1 Data entry

Data Entry

The point of this job is to transfer data from one source to another one. Usually, workers are required to fill digital spreadsheets with collected statistical data. The clients for such services are survey and sociology agencies. Data entry does not require any interpretation or data processing, so the workers do not have to have any particular qualifications. Note that for those who are looking for work, open vacancies remote data entry can be viewed on the site Jooble.

#2 Transcription


Similar to the job above, transcription is also about digitizing data. In this particular case, it is writing the transcript of videos and auditions. Usually, this job can involve learning, but it mainly depends on the topics concerning the material processes. The data you will mainly work with are interviews or the footage of the videos that must be subtitled or translated. In fact, subtitling may be another online job to go for, as it only requires a little skill in working with subtitling tools.

#3 Virtual assistance

Virtual Assistant

If you want to develop your career from home, the path of virtual assistance is worth taking. Ths point of this work is to help managers in companies and do blue-collar jobs for them. The manager’s blue-collar tasks mean appointing the agreed meetings, taking notes, and following the manager on calls. Essentially, a virtual assistant acts in the hands of the manager. Eventually, a virtual assistant can grow into a manager, and many big companies open such opportunities for searchers with little experience.

#4 Customer service

Customer Service

If you feel you have well-developed communication skills, you will thrive as a customer support representative. It is another work you can do from home, and that does not demand any particular experience or expertise. The main task on the job is making sure the customers of the company are satisfied with the service. If you are approached with an issue from a customer, a support representative’s task is to fix the issue for the customer to come back. The most important thing in this job is intelligence in communication.

#5 AI training

Online Quiz

Some people are getting paid for doing the annoying quizzes. Probably, every internet user has done the quiz to prove that they are not a robot. The point of the quiz is to recognize images, which only a conscious human is capable of. So, the matter of the AI training job is to recognize the pictures and train the algorithm to do that.

The tasks are quite repetitive, but the job only requires your time and connection to the internet. The amount you can earn depends on the time you spend training the assigned AI.

#6 Review writing

Review Writing

There are many online jobs to do with writing that one can start with zero experience. One of the easiest of them is writing reviews on product sites or forums. All you need to do is share your opinion on some goods or services.

A similar type of such a job is a specialist answering questions on online forums. Those can concern lifestyle, general knowledge topics, or even something specific if you have the expertise. In both cases, one gets paid for the number of answers or reviews. It does not challenge creativity much, but one can control the amount they earn online with this job.

#7 English teacher

English Teacher

If you are a native speaker and you have good communication skills, you can teach English as a foreign language. It is an international job that will demand a lot of taking, which is an amazing opportunity for extroverts. Even if you do not have specific language qualifications, there are a lot of people who are learning the language and seek practice with natives. If you focus on casual speaking, it will still be a great help for learners. With such a remote job, you can control your schedule yourself. On top of that, you can decide how much to charge the clients.

#8 Social media management

Social Media

Although this job requires some training from the worker, it is still easy to find a job without previous experience. Nowadays, most internet users are social media natives. For that reason, businesses look for people who can be responsible for their business accounts. Today, your own social media account can be your portfolio. So, if you feel an interest in online activities and social platforms, try looking for a job as a social media manager for a business.

Wrapping Up

Even if you are studying or only starting your career path, it is possible to find plenty of opportunities online. Choose the one that fits your interests, time resources, and skills. Even if the online profession does not become your career, it will support you on the way to the job of your dreams. In most cases, all you need to start earning online is time and a little concentration.

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