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Build Better Under Construction Pages in Minutes. Not Hours!

Create pixel perfect coming soon, under construction, sales or landing pages with zero effort & maximum results.

Page Templates - 340+ bundled with the plugin

New templates come out every week & they cover everything! From sales and landing pages, to coming soon and maintenance pages for all niches. Ready to deploy in seconds, fully customizable via drag&drop builder.

Newspaper TemplateNewspaper
Sport Shop TemplateSport Shop
Social Media Marketing TemplateSocial Media Marketing
Digital Agency TemplateDigital Agency
Wedding Story TemplateWedding Story
Technology Store TemplateTechnology Store
Food Photography TemplateFood Photography
Technology TemplateTechnology
Farmacy TemplateFarmacy
Professional Photographer TemplateProfessional Photographer
Grayscale City TemplateGrayscale City
Photography TemplatePhotography
Journey TemplateJourney
Architecture TemplateArchitecture
Global Recruitment TemplateGlobal Recruitment
Small Office TemplateSmall Office
Relaxing Screensaver TemplateRelaxing Screensaver
Simple Office Theme TemplateSimple Office Theme
500,000+ happy users
7,762,197+ downloads


No fluff, no unnecessary options! We value your time - you'll have a page up in a minute.

Beginner Friendly Drag & Drop Builder
Are you tired of cumbersome builders that have too many options that get in the way and you simply don't need? We are too! That's why our builder is simple, user-friendly and has only the options you need to build pages fast!

3.7 million+ Premium Images
Can't find the right image for your page and when you do it's either expensive or too small? UCP has over a million beautiful searchable images in HD and 4K resolutions. All royalty free & ready for you to use - powered by Unsplash.

340+ Templates
Building your own landing page, maintenance page or coming soon page from scratch is fun but sometimes you need to move quickly. Use one of our many templates, change a few lines of text and you're ready to rock!

Affiliate & Traffic Tracking
Having traffic is nice. Having tracked and targeted traffic is great! With UCP you can generate tracked inbound links with one click and share them on social media or with your affiliates to pin-point traffic with the highest conversion rate.

Build any One-Page Site
Landing pages, sales pages, coming soon pages, maintenance pages, under construction pages - you can build them all! UCP can take control over your entire site, just the front page or any page you choose, giving you maximum flexibility.

Fast & Friendly Support
We know support is important! That's why our USA based agents are the best there is! Fast, friendly and to-the-point. We don't outsource support because we value your time! Don't believe us? Send us an email and see how we do.

Start Building Great WordPress Pages

Create & Publish Pages, Track Conversions and Start Collecting Leads in Minutes


Users love us! And we have 1,259 reviews to prove it.

Fantastic plugin!
Exactly what I needed! The plugin is so quick and simple to use. Loved the beautiful design available. The social icones are a nice idea too.


Great Plugin!
Does exactly what I need it to do plus some extras like, customizing & adding social media links.


Nice plugin! Easy to use
Several fun templates to choose from, or just go with the simple text version. Customize the text and go. Admin users can see the site while everyone else sees the under construction page. Love the social media widget at the bottom!


Amazingly Done
If you want something straight-forward and just works, then choose this. Gets the job done just like that.


Piece of cake to set up – does exactly what it says it will do.


Handy, creative, upbeat
Keywords: fun, functional. Provides entertaining graphics, and allows some customization for the taglines and greetings. Easy to implement, and provides a welcoming landing for those necessary maintenance periods.


Build under construction pages faster!

UCP has been helping people like you for over 5 years to build pages faster.

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50% - 30% DISCOUNT has been applied to all packages

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Lifetime License - $125 OFF


$250 $125 Power tool for professional users. Pay once and never another cent again
  • All features from PRO, and:
  • install on 100 client or personal sites at a time (licenses can be moved)
  • white-label license mode
  • priority support
  • 200+ templates
  • advanced drag&drop builder modules
  • Zapier integration
  • instant download & activation
  • compare all features
Lifetime License - 30% OFF


$69 $48 An entry tool for single site owners who want to pay less
  • install on 3 sites
  • lifetime upgrades & support
  • MailChimp integration
  • universal autoresponders support
  • 120+ templates
  • affiliates module
  • instant download & activation
  • compare all features
100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!
You are fully protected by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. If you don’t like UCP over the next seven days, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Question

Something is still not clear? Contact us! We'll respond ASAP!

Who should use UnderConstructionPage?

If you want to create a custom landing page, sales page, under construction page or coming soon page, then you need to use UnderConstructionPage plugin. It's perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers; basically everybody who has a WordPress powered site.

What’s required to use UnderConstructionPage?

A self-hosted WordPress site running WordPress version 4.7 or higher. Nothing else.

Do I need any coding skills to use UnderConstructionPage?

No, none what so ever! You can create and manage pages without any coding knowledge. Our drag&drop builder is extremely beginner friendly.

Will UnderConstructionPage slow down my website?

Absolutely not. UnderConstructionPage is carefully built using the best practices and modern standards to ensure things run smoothly and as fast as possible.

Can I use UnderConstructionPage on client sites?

Sure you can! Either purchase the Agency license or purchase a single license for each client site. If you join our affiliate program, you can earn 20% on each sale.

Does UnderConstructionPage work on non-WordPress sites?

No. UCP is a WordPress plugin. It does not work on non-WordPress sites. We are working on a non-WP version, but it's still not ready.

Do you offer a trial?

No, we don't offer a trial. However, you are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like UnderConstructionPage in the period of seven days after purchase, we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Where did the free version go?

It's still here, and it's not going anywhere either. You can get it from the official WordPress plugin repository.

Over 3.7 million HD searchable images

Never google for another image again! Search & download them directly from UCP

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