Want to promote a product or service through our blog? Please check the options and get in touch so we can discuss it!

The UnderConstructoinPage blog has been active for almost two years. We publish no more than two quality articles per week that are related to WordPress, Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Blogging in general. If you would like to write a sponsored post where you can advertise your product or service, please see the following options we offer:

Sponsored Article – $149

  • will be published on our blog within 3 days after submission
  • you write the content on a topic that we should previously discuss
  • has to meet quality and content guidelines
  • original content only! Not refurbished, not rewritten
  • we don’t have a minimum content length rule, but it has to be a complete article
  • up to 2 do-follow links

Sponsored Article written by us – $199

  • will be written and published within 7 business days
  • you tell us what you want us to write about and how to present your product/service
  • up to 3 do-follow links

For other advertising options, custom campaigns or bulk orders for plugin shops, please contact us. Also, don’t hesitate to ask anything you might be interested in.

If you all you want is a backlink, we do accept guest posts on general topics that are related to WordPress, Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and Blogging where we don’t accept sponsored or affiliate links. Also, please take a look at the guest posting guidelines since we’re very strict about guest post submission and won’t accept just anything. A guest post might need to wait for more than 30 days until it gets published.

Published on June 7, 2018 by Ivan; modified on June 9, 2018.